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Sharpen the razor blade

Mystique Life Launches Razorbooster, All-in-One Razor Blade Cleaner and Sharpener

Indiegogo Campaign to Support Product that Offers Better Shaving Outcomes, a Sharper Blade and Improved Sustainability

Indiegogo Campaign to Support Product that Offers Better Shaving Outcomes, a Sharper Blade and Improved Sustainability

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Mystique Life, an innovative brand in the health and wellness industry, announced it would be launching its newest product on Indiegogo. The item, known as the Razorbooster, is a smart razor blade cleaner and sharpener that boasts a variety of unique features and benefits for users to enjoy. The unique hygiene solution is perfect for razor owners who seek an all-in-one blade cleaner and sharpener, making it the ultimate tool for facial hair upkeep. This announcement marks the first time the company has launched a product on Indiegogo.

Of the company’s latest announcement, Daniel Jang, Marketing Manager of Mystique Life, commented, “Razorbooster is for every man who ever wanted a better shave, and who also might have wondered why he was spending so much on blades while having negative impact on the environmental.”

Mystique Life is based in South Korea, where it also manufactures all of its products. Despite being a relatively small company compared to other organizations in the industry, Mystique Life proudly oversees all elements of production, from design to the manufacturing process. Their latest product is designed to be a staple in home bathrooms across the nation, improving the shaving experiences of millions. Razorbooster is water-resistant and includes a switch that allows users to choose between left-hand use and right-hand use.

Some of the key benefits users can expect to enjoy with their Razorbooster include:

• Enhanced Sharpening Abilities: Razorbooster’s blade sharpener utilizes an electronic motor to spin more than 600 times per second with a single use, ensuring the blade comes away sharper than ever. This improvement will drastically lengthen the blade’s lifespan and prevent common issues caused by dull blades, including small cuts, razor burns and more. Not only does this make shaving a more pleasant experience, but it also keeps users from having to purchase replacement blades repeatedly.

• Improved Sanitation and Maintenance: Razorbooster comes with a sanitization liquid powerful enough to eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring users’ blades are sanitized at all times and ready for use. Furthermore, this liquid also prevents common nicks and razor burns caused by dirty edges. Users will never have to worry about the safety of their hygiene products again.

• Long-Term Savings: While they may seem cheap up front, replacement blades can cause users to spend significant sums of money—especially if they are replaced every two to three weeks, as is common. Razorbooster is the perfect solution to this common problem, enabling users to enjoy their razors far longer than usual.

Sustainability is a further advantage to the Razorbooster approach. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American men throw out nearly 2 billion razor blades every year. This contributes to landfill. Razor blades also use plastics, which require fossil fuels to produce. In addition, the razor blade packaging, consisting paper, petroleum-based inks and plastics, also contribute to landfill.

Razor blades are essentially impossible to recycle, as they typically combine metal and plastic components. BIC initiated a razor blade recycling program in France in 2011, but until only recently, there was nothing comparable in the US. Now, according to USA Today, Gillette is starting a similar program, though customers have to pay ship blades to the recycler.

About Mystique Life: South Korea-based Mystique Life is dedicated to providing innovative products that improve the lives of their users. The company comprises a small team of experts. Razorbooster is the company’s third product: a clear step towards its goal of providing some of the most convenient and useful items available on the market.

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