Razorbooster-Smart Razor Blade Cleaner & Sharpener

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Smart Razor Blade Cleaner And Sharpener In One

Ever tried to clean a razor blade? Spoiler alert: it sucks. Leave it to Razorbooster. Plus, it keeps your razor blades nice and sharp. It’ll feel like you have a fresh razor blade every day of the week. Nothing beats a smooth satisfying shave that is free of irritation. Stay sharp with Razorbooster!

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harpen and prolong the life of Your Razor Blade!

Drastically prolongs the life of your razor blades thanks to its specifically designed rubber brush that functions by an electronic motor which spins 600 times to clean and sharpen the blades.

Sterilization abrasive liquid

We’ve included proprietary sanitizing liquid that eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses, keeping the blade sanitized. This effectively reduces the annoying nicks, cuts and skin infections.

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